New Cars Under 15K from Nissan and Mitsubishi


Looking for new cars under 15k is not something impossible. Sure, in this year, we can find a lot of new cars which are released in a very affordable price. If you have budget about 15,000 dollars, it is not impossible at all getting a new car which is in your budget and has a good quality.

new cars under 15k

Of course, many people prefer choosing a new car to a used one. That is because of several reasons and the reasons might be various depend on the person. Perhaps, you are one of them who prefer the new car to the used ones even though by buying the used ones, you will get the better features, technology, and better series with the same expense.

However, there are also some benefits that you might obtain in choosing the new car. First, you will get the prestige on having a new one. Then, you will get the facility which could not be obtained when you buy the used ones such like warranty, free maintenance services for some the early years, and so on. Then, of course since it is new, the car is in the best condition, while if you buy the second hand car, you do not know how it was used by the previous owner and its real condition. So, here are some recommendations for the cheap new cars under 15k, especially from Nissan and Mitsubishi.

New Cars Under 15K from Nissan

Nowadays, many car manufacturers are releasing their affordable car. That is including Nissan which also provide cheap yet affordable new cars under 15k. Here are some of them from Nissan:

1. 2015 Versa

2015 Nissan Versa is also affordable with the price under 15K. There are two sub models of the series. They are the 1.6S plus Sedan and the 1.6S Sedan. There are some differences which is offered from those series. The plus one has the better fuel economy which is its MPG is 31 city/ 40 hwy, while for the regular one is 27/36 hwy.

2. 2015 Versa Note

Besides the Versa, Nissa Versa Note is also under 15K. the engine which is used is similar to the 2015 Versa. For the price, it is a little bit higher even though it is still under 15k.

New Cars Under 15K from Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi also offers the new cars which are also affordable. There are some cars which is under 15k. One of the series of their cheap cars is the 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage. The series of Mitsubishi Mirage are available into two models. They are I3 DE Hatchback and I3 ES Hatchback. They are really popular among the cheap price new car since it is from Mitsubishi which is already well known as a car manufacturer. Thus, they will be the good options if you are going to hunt the new cars under 15k.

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