Meaning, Concept, and the Use of Logic Symbols


Logic symbols – In real life, we learned about how to solve problem with several technique and considering each symbols or clues. Developing signs in science would not be easy such as to learn about logic symbols. Everyone should understand to make sure if they can find some understanding inside symbol. However, there are 20+ symbols in general that you should know in understanding signs while reading an information. Besides, several countries have different meaning for each symbol that you should learn.

Logic Symbols

What is Logic Symbol?

Logic principle by means

Symbol logic is a part of logical principle in developing science by representing a formalization of system. There is primitive symbol, axioms, combination of symbol, and rules of inference, all these things should be able to understand while learning about symbol.

You should find a meaning of something through symbol by understanding the rules of inference. However, we still find many people doubting about the meaning of several symbols and have different argument. Thus, you should know every concept inside this symbolic study.

Part of math study

Learning logic require you to understand the study of consequence by given some mathematical statement. There is a fact that you should be able to draw with conclusion and particular function of symbol. You may learn about interval, axis, and other symbolic part of math or calculus.

It is one of the continuous studies for today’s logic while you can find the point of something. There is a hidden answer in math that you should find as an argument to conclude the result. In mathematic study, you have to prove the answer by giving a general statement using symbols.

A part of premises and logic study

Logic symbol often used by people who learned about logical thinking to provides conclusion of problem. The problem found by creating premises of several argument and you have to find some relatable reason. It can be developed by the use of symbol at the end of decision.

Each premises of argument will find consequences of interest while you looking for conclusion. It should have symbolic pattern that would help everyone to make difference between premises and prove. Thus, proving the result of logic would not be easy and you are required to learned about symbols.

Determining cases and consequences

Since symbolic studies is a part of logical understanding, you should find cases and conclusion at the same time using premises. There must be consequences that you should take while concluding the premises and the use of symbol would help you to represent the best result.

True or false determination

Sometimes, it is hard to determine the truth without having some premises. Thus, the use of symbols allows you to provides values of something that can be used as premise. That is why, in logical study proposition would be essential also need the use of symbol to analyze the result.

List of Logic Symbol

List of SymbolNameMeaning
^caret / circumflexand
reversed caretor
|vertical lineor
there exists 
there does not exists 
xBarnot (negation)
¬Notnot (negation)
circled plus / plusexclusive
xsingle quotenot – negation
!exclamation marknot – negation
because / since 
Equivalentif and only if
Equivalentif and only if
for all 

When we Usually Used this Symbol?

Do a research

Almost every researcher required to learn and understand the meaning of logic symbol. They should know which symbol should use to represent pattern and result of studies. On the other hand, the result will vary and you should make a conclusion and be careful of choosing the symbol on your paper.

During military activities

Once you applied for military candidates, make sure if you already know every requirement you should have. Including to understand the logical study which require you to learn about symbol and premises. Thus, understanding and learning this study would be essential to your career.

Every candidate should have high IQ in logic that would help them to survive during hard time in court. Almost all equipment in military are using symbol and you should be able to know the meaning. Besides, if you take wrong decision it would not only harm yourself but also other candidates.

Medical practice

Medical study would not always be easy to everyone while they are required to learn about symbol. However, every symbol used in medic would be different with other and you should know each of them. Medic is about saving someone’s life and it is your responsibilities to take decision.

Problem solving using premises

One of the popular methods to solve problem is the use of logic symbol that can be applied to handle every cases. Premises are often used by police and other security department in decision making. They would prepare and have several variables that should find the result directly.

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Is Logic Symbol Useful to Learn

Useful to analyze theoretical limit

Picking up the suitable theory while doing a research is a must and you have to find an analysis that would meet better conclusion. Most of the theoretical limit are used in digital computers studies and technique.

Help you to improve your logic

Everything in this world are logically understandable, whether you are going to have different result or perspective about something. Thus, you should know and learned about this symbolic study to make sure if you can bring conclusion from every premises that are made.

Mathematic method to applied in real life

We are often found something that is said by logic symbol and maybe you would not understand the meaning. Today’s many people tend to speak using symbol and sign that can be easier to deliver. Thus, you should really understand what they are actually means once they used the symbol.

Faster and safer for intelligence practice

Once you are applied for an intelligence practice or candidate, there is a lot of symbol you should learn. Most of the intelligent speak using symbol that is safer and faster to understand. It would not be easily spotted by unknown people and you should be ready to learn about it.

MD: Logic Symbol is a part of logical principle and study, developed by science to formalized the use of system and find conclusion.

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